The many things
accent walls can do
for your space

… can brighten up the space and bring sunshine in an otherwise cool room 

… can add excitement and make room feel more dynamic

… can create a cozy and inviting feeling in the sitting area

… can enhance architectural details

… can accentuate decorative objects a room

… can make a seamless transition between two floors

… can make a room seem more intimate

… can add a sense of spaciousness

… can serve as a perfect background for featuring wall art 

… can visually separate and delineate one area of the room from the rest

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What hat is your accent wall wearing?

We mostly think of accent walls as a wall in a room painted in a striking color to set a visual tone for the room. Besides setting a visual tone (think of a mood setting), accent walls can also have many other functions.

Accent wall that accentuates featured objects in the room

If you want your decorative items of a specific color (for example a blue rug, set of blue lamps and blue vase) have a greater visibility (to visually pop) in the room, the accent wall of the same color (blue) will do just that – accentuate your favorite decorative pieces.

Accent wall that plays a balancing act

To balance a room that has a predominant color tone (for example the shades of brown, beige and gray) you can use an accent wall in a striking color (yellow, green, blue, red) to offset the color tone that’s taking the most visual space in the room. For a more dynamic effect, orange is complimentary to blue and creates high contrast visually.

Accent wall that delineates one area of the room from the rest

Open space layouts (like a living area, dining area and kitchen sharing one big space) can be helped with a use of accent wall to differentiate one area (like a living area) from the rest.

Accent wall as a focal or exhibit wall

An accent wall as a focal or exhibit wall is a perfect way to feature your favorite memories, art, photographs and collections to remind you of what you appreciate, love and are proud in your life.

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