Sample Boards of Variety of Our Specialty Wall Finishes

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Cementitious Veneers

Cementitious veneers, like concrete, come in different grades of coarse or smooth finishes and different shades of gray.

Venetian Plaster

Once the thin layers of applied plaster (gypsum, marble dust, added pigment and water) cure through a carbonization process and become stone, walls and ceilings can look stunning like marble itself. Venetian Plasters’ final finish can be textured or polished.

Stone Textures

Stone-like textures (with the use of textured paint, joint compound or plaster with added pigment) create a visually unique environment with a sense of grounding effect that stone and minerals have in nature.


Metallic paint applied straight on a wall or used to create a textural finish, brings an element of excitement and luxury into any interior, making it look and feel unique and special.

Patina and Glaze

While patina as a painting effect can create a look of aging or texture, glaze (a translucent coating) creates smooth and shiny finish. Glaze can be used as a medium for semi-translucent paint and applied in layers, thus further creating depth and movement within the finish design.

3D Stencil Textures

The patterns of 3D textures, either organic or geometric in shape, transform a space into a visually richer experience by delivering a more dynamic and more interesting surface.

Wood Grain

Wood grain specialty painting finishes can be applied to any smooth surface, to either add the visual warmth of the wood to the environment, or to balance different existing wood elements (wall panels, trim, baseboards, doors and door frames, ceiling beams and trusses). It can be created to resemble almost any wood species in nature.