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Inviting Porches

A porch is a perfect setting for enjoying the outdoors, yet feeling secure as if being inside. It gives you the chance to be secluded yet not hiding from the world. A perfect spot for noticing and enjoying the world around your home – fragrances from the flowering bushes, squirrels chasing around a tree and birds chirping away.

The porch is a setting for quite enjoyment by yourself or in the company of family and friends, and having comfortable chairs or maybe a porch swing is in order. 

Feather your porch as you would your home

The foundation for an inviting porch is the very porch floor. With a beautiful floor finish any porch, regardless of the furniture and accessories, provides comfort and relaxation.

Stained porch floor

For keeping the natural, yet fresh look of your already stained flooring, a new coat of stain is enough to beautify it and make it feel new and clean. With the new coat you have an option to update the stain color (towards browns and grays vs reds) and in doing so match it with the updated style of your porch furniture.

Painted porch floor

Painted porch floors come with a greater range of color options and variety of designs. You can choose a single color for the porch floor that compliments the house exterior and the railing. Or add more color and go for creative design solutions like painted floor tiles or stripes and make your porch even more attractive and personalized. There are wonderful painting techniques that can add a unique decorative touch to your porch floor like stencil patterns or a painted rug mural.

Whatever you choose to refresh and beautify your porch with, make sure you make the time to use it often and share it with others.

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