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Beckoning Front Door

A front door is not only a functional portal that allows entrance to a house, but also an architectural feature that expresses a welcoming feeling to a visitor.

Does your door beckon?

Even a simple entrance door can say a lot – with its upkeep and color. What does your door say about your personality or style? Is it a formal design, signaling please don’t knock unless invited first? Or is it playful in color greeting every passerby?

Give a boost to your home’s curb appeal

Front doors can be easily updated with a change of color to give a house a refreshed look. There are basically two directions for choosing a new color. You can use a color as an accent that draws attention or connects with decorative items on your porch or landing. That usually means brighter and vibrant colors like yellow, terracotta, red or blues and greens.

The other direction is to choose a more classic look that is consistent with the existing exterior color scheme. The options here are in darker shades of the existing colors. Using a higher gloss finish for a darker color can also make a great difference for a more conservative, polished look.

Whatever color and finish you choose to beautify and refresh with, your front door is the threshold to your sanctuary. Make the entrance and the rest of your home be the expression of who you are and what you love!

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