What is Venetian plaster?

Traditional Venetian Plaster, also known as Italian plaster or marble plaster, is made of lime or gypsum, marble dust and added pigment and water. Once the thin layers of applied plaster cure through a carbonization process and become stone, a highly polished finish to walls and ceilings can look stunning like marble itself. Because of the mineral origin of the material, the final wall finish looks and behaves like stone Рimpervious to mold, hypoallergenic and it naturally regulates humidity and purifies air.

A single wall that changes the room

In a contemporary setting, an accent wall or a fireplace transformed with the Venetian plaster treatment are enough to impact the experience of a room, elevating the impression of it to an elegant and sophisticated space.

Enveloped in soft luster of stone

Being in the space surrounded by the soft luster of the polished Venetian wall finish, creates both a sense of visual luxury and a sensual treat of soft light reflection, regardless of the pigment used for the color of the finish.

Setting a tone of refinement for the space

A polished Venetian plaster wall finish elevates the room and sets a tone of refinement for the space. Choosing this finish for a specific area/room is a decision to make the space special, regardless if it is for a bedroom, bathroom, living room, entry room, or any other space.

Warm and grounding effect of earthy colors

Mineral based natural pigments added to Venetian plaster for coloring traditionally tend to be in the warm spectrum of earth tones. With the polished finish, the luster further adds a warm reflection of those colors, creating a sense of basking in ambient glow of reflected light.

Modern cooler colors and tones

Grays and blue spectrum colors, with silvery and pearly overlays match the traditional Venetian plaster technique perfectly with contemporary interior designs, while still delivering the same touch of refinement and luxury.