Gallery of Wall Finishes

Tray ceiling with sky mural and glazed walls
Examples of painted sky with clouds
Painted wood grain on originally white doors
Metallic weave texture over black (left) and replicated slate above the range (right)
Bedroom accent wall in Prussian Blue
Paisley stencil pattern metallic on purple
Original walls, stone hearth and mantle (left) transformed into stone block custom finish (right)
Original beams and fireplace wall (left) transformed with custom finish (right) – in collaboration with “Refined Finishes”
Marmorino lime plaster wall finish
Lusterstone and raised stencil of leaf motif
“Rising Sun” layered glazes custom finish (left) and leaf detail
Cementitious custom finish replicating cement wall
Restoration of damaged fireplace stone
Highlighting architectural features with stone block custom finish
Blending switch plate covers with tile backsplash
Brightening up the kitchen with two shades of avocado green paint
Hand painted mural featuring oversized wild flowers
Hand painted peach tree mural on office wall
Dimensional paint troweled in two colors
AIA award winning space remodel including wood grain on windows and fireplace mantel
Fantasy-marble technique used to transform plain columns
Updated original white walls, oak fireplace mantle, base and crown molding
Updated fireplace mantle from original oak (left) to sleek black finish (right)
Original oak door (left) transformed into a welcoming red entry door (right)
Patina garden wall finish in blue
Hand painted mural of a beach scene
White and blue textured stencil custom wall finish
Hand painted Allegro coffee mural in Whole Foods, Boulder – in collaboration with Ben Brown
Medalion stencil “Zen” wall finish
Cementitious horizontal texture
Natural stone finish – for walls or floors