Cool cementitious finish for industrial look

Cementitious wall finish can create a cool interior space without actually living in a modern concrete home. The cool here pertains to the industrial, solid and grounding effect that exposed concrete foundation and walls give. Cementitious veneers like the concrete come in different grades of coarse or smooth finishes and different shades of gray.

Cementitious finish for accent walls

Just an accent wall or a fireplace done with the cementitious treatment are enough to change the look and feel of a room, especially when contrasted with other softer or more polished materials like textile, leather, glass or metal.

Cement and wood combination

There is a beautiful complimentary match between the cool concrete and warm wood surfaces—both as materials and with their complementary colors of cool grays and warm golden or red browns. We can easily achieve this with accent wood elements against the cementitious wall, or with wood furnishings.

A great backdrop for art

Industrial look and feel of the cementitious finish in its neutral grays can serve as a great backdrop for displaying modern art in residential as well as commercial spaces. 

A touch of gold

Adding a touch of metallic gold to the matte cementitious surface provides another contrast, creating a sense of luxury and intimacy in space.

Grounding and protective effect 

Cementitious finish creates a grounding effect, serving as a “protective” surrounding in a more intimate and cosy setting, like a bedroom or bathroom.  

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